App of the Month: Plates

Going out to eat with others can be a task when the bill arrives. Everyone is looking at each-other and the bill trying to figure out how much money they need to pay. Enter Plates. Plates is a free app that helps split the bill and figure out tax and tip from 2 – 10 people.

It is very simple to use. First you start out by selecting how many people are at the table. The more people you add, the more plates show up on the app’s table. Next you enter the bill total prior to tax and tip.

Once that is done, you simply enter the tax. Then you have the choice to either split the bill equally or enter bill items. This comes in handy for those who aren’t trying to pay for what they didn’t order. If you split it equally, the app gives the full breakdown of the grand total. It also shows each plate how much they owe. A tip slider is also there to change it by percentages.

Now say, you divvied up who ate what. The app asks you to add the price of the first item and then drag it to the plate that corresponds to whomever ordered the item. There is also an option to put it in the middle if everyone shared the item. An option to split the rest amongst others is also an option and you can drag to a plate who is splitting the rest.

Lastly after everything is finally split up, the app gives an option to email or text the bill split if necessary. I think this is a great app. It takes guessing out, no need to debate over the bill, and no reason to pull out a calculator. So next time your out to eat with your friends, give this app a try.

Have you tried Plates?

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