5 Fun Things To Do in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Nawlins, The Big Easy, Crescent City, NOLA. The city has many names and plenty of things to do. So, I am bringing you 5 fun things to do in New Orleans, Louisiana. If you are looking for a great area to stay in while visiting this vibrant city with an interesting historical past. Fun fact too, I lived in New Orleans for a bit when I was a kid!


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Shrimp Po-Boy ©HollyDayz

If you are like me, then you are a foodie. Even if you aren’t a foodie, there is no denying the deliciousness that is New Orleans cuisine. Red beans and rice, gumbo, jambalaya, beignets, po-boys, muffuletta, huckabuck, and a lot more! My personal favorite is a shrimp po-boy which you typically will ask for it “dressed,” meaning it comes with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and pickles.

Another favorite of mine although touristy is the beignets from Cafe Du Monde, but locals just alike go as well. It has been around since the 1800s for a reason. Of course, a huckbuck takes me back to my youth. It is an icy that is filled with a sweet flavor in a plastic cup. The trick is to flip it so the bottom of it is now at the top, the sweetest part and dig in!


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French Quarter Festival ©HollyDayz

Festivals are synonyms with New Orleans, way beyond Mardi Gras and the Essence Festival. There is almost always one going on. Last time I visited I landed smack dab in the middle of the French Quarter Festival. Festivals are a good time and typically come with great food and music. Other notable festivals to check out are the New Orleans Heritage and Jazz Festival, Satchmo Summer Fest, and a lot more. I highly recommend doing some research prior to going to see if one is happening on your travel dates!

Ghost Tours

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Cemetery @kwhofberg

Learning some history and hearing stories on a walking tour is a great idea. You will get more insight into the city that buries their dead above ground due to being below sea level. They even have tours through the cemeteries if you dare.

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Lalaurie Mansion @nathan.lucas.martin

New Orleans is known for being one of the most haunted cities in America. The city has a long and rich history, but it is also filed with murder, magic, and more. I remember as a kid taking a carriage ride through the French Quarter and being told different stories. I found it interesting.

City Park

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Botanical Gardens @alozicki7

I have plenty of memories in this park. It is huge, 1,300 acres of park. This is a great place to bring kids or even as adults to enjoy. The park is home to the New Orleans Botanical Garden and features over 2,000 plants from around the world. Storyland, the Louisiana Children’s Museum, and the Carousel Amusement Park are just some of what the park has to offer. They always have some events going on too.

Local Sports Teams

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Check out some of the local sports teams! Head over to the Superdome and see a Saints game! Maybe have some fun at a Pelicans game, they did get the #1 draft pick this year!

You can even check out some college or high school games. The talent on those teams are great and even more entertaining are the talented marching bands that play. I remember checking out a high school game at the Superdome and as much as I love football I highly enjoyed the bands

At the end of the day there is plenty to see, do, and eat in New Orleans. It is worth the trip to explore, learn, and have a great time. The city is great for nightlife, their infamous hurricane drinks, and the French Quarter, but there is so much more. I hope this list has led to some ideas for your trip!

Have you ever been to New Orleans?

5 Fun Things to do in New Orleans © HollyDayz