App Of The Month: HappyCow

Have you ever traveled to a new country or city and wondered where you could find vegetarian or vegan food? Maybe you were looking for a place that at the very least had those options in case your dining buddy isn’t on that wave. Look no further than the free app HappyCow!

HappyCow assists travelers and people everywhere in finding plant-based / vegan options and healthy food. They are vegan-run, from a vegan perspective, and staffed by vegans and vegetarians. So the app has people running who walk the walk and are constantly researching different places around the world.

The app has different filters; Vegans, Vegetarian, and Veg options. Looking for something specific? They have many other filter options that include hotels, food trucks, ice cream, and much more. You can even select features to look for such as wheel chair accessible or outdoor seating.

app of the month: happy cow © hollydayz

If you are open to whatever may be around you or looking for places on a future trip you can do that too. They have a list of places that are color coded. Green is vegan, purple is vegetarian, and red is veg options.

app of the month: happy cow © hollydayz

Once you start looking at different establishments you can click on them in more detail. There are photos of the food, reviews, it will tell you if the place is open or closed, a map, and plenty of other information. There is even an option to save your favorites or places you want to try.

app of the month: happy cow © hollydayz

Hopefully on your next trip you will have an easier time finding places to eat if you or your travel buddy is a vegan or vegetarian. Also if you are looking for new places to try out in your city, this is a great way to find a spot.

HappyCow also has a website you can check out. They have recipes from different cuisines around the world, topics on how and why to go vegan, and loads more!

Have you ever tried HappyCow?

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