Visiting the Neon Boneyard Tour in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas holds a special place in my heart. It has so much more to offer than many would fathom. I have visited many times and always find something new to see and do. Vegas has gone though so many changes through the years. Many hotels, businesses, and restaurants that were once there have been long gone. They have been demolished and replaced by bigger and newer businesses, the Neon Museum has made sure to preserve some of Las Vegas’ history by having the Neon Boneyard.

The Neon Museum is a non profit organization that exhibits many iconic Las Vegas signs! The Museum’s campus is 2 acres. The visitor’s center is located in the lobby of the historic La Concha Motel. The interesting fact I learned from the tour about La Concha is that its current home is not where it was built. It was originally located on the South end of Las Vegas Blvd next to the Riviera Hotel in the 60s. It survived the fate of many other hotels on the strip and was moved rather than being demolished.

In order for the public to view the Neon Boneyard you must schedule a one hour tour. They have several throughout the day and night. The night tours were sold out so we opted for an early afternoon tour due to our schedule. Clearly we didn’t realize the mistake we made.

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La Concha..Visitor Center ©2015 HollyDayz

Upon arrival we were welcomed by the people at the front desk. They were checking everyone in for the tours and giving out tickets. They also wanted to make sure everyone knew that while cameras are allowed, no extra equipment was. The visitor’s center was also a gift shop and a seating area. They also had a screen to take selfies and email to yourself as well as another to learn about different Vegas facts.

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Visitor’s Center HollyDayz ©2015

We were also told we could purchase water for $1 at the front desk, which almost everyone including me happily did. They also offered umbrellas to use in exchange for holding your license, we stupidly opted out. Once the tour began we stepped outside into the shade as our tour guide gave us some history. We then walked towards the Boneyard where he informed us not to sit on the rocks, stay with the group, and other information.

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I got an umbrella! ©2015 HollyDayz

As the tour began that high noon time sun was rocking our world! I was standing next to a gentleman who had an umbrella trying to catch his shade. It was too late, I had already gotten an unwanted suntan. Another gentleman on the tour spoke up asking the tour guide about getting an umbrella because the sun was no joke. Next thing you know a bunch of us are asking to get one as well. He radioed to the front desk and they quickly came out with several umbrellas for us all.

We continued to walk around, even with the umbrella the heat was too much! I have been to Las Vegas several times and I had never sweat so much as I did in that hour tour. I drank my water and splashed some on me and was sad when it was gone. The tour guide continued to walk us around telling us about the signs. He was very engaging even asking questions.

I loved seeing all the signs. I am a sucker for history and like I said I love Vegas, so the two just go hand in hand. We learned where the signs came from, how the lights were changed, who made them, and so much more. I loved seeing the sign from the old Stardust Hotel, the Lamp from the Aladdin, Binon’s, Frontier, and even the Sahara. I really enjoyed the tour sans the heat. I completely understand why the night tours are sold out. That and the fact that they have the signs light up, which I am sure is amazing!

I would highly recommend visiting the Neon Museum when in Las Vegas and taking the Boneyard Tour. Besides tours, those who are looking for a unique place to get married in Vegas, this could be for you! It is a lot of fun and even more if you don’t melt like I did.

Have you ever been to the Neon Boneyard?

Neon Boneyard Tour in las Vegas ©hollydayz

Disclaimer: Thank you to the Neon Museum for having me. While receiving complimentary admission all opinions and views are my own.