Eating at Puro Pescaito in Malaga, Spain

The City Center of Malaga is filled with restaurants everywhere. It can be pretty hard to choose where to go and what to try. My friend and I were pretty hungry. We really wanted some seafood so I checked TripAdvisor. Low and behold there was a high rated place nearby called Puro Pescaito. So we decided to head there.

I was even more surprised it was just around the corner from the apartment we were staying at. It was prime time for Spaniards to head out to eat, a little after 9pm. The streets were crowded and Puro Pescaito had many already inside. Luckily we didn’t have to wait to be seated. We also got there just in time because some moments later a large crowd of people started filing in.

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We were handed menus which of course were completely in Spanish. I had my friend with me who speaks Spanish fluently, but some items don’t translate into what he thought. One such item was the shrimp and their sizes. My friend had to learn that the hard way when ordering. The waiter took me over to look at the fish and pick what I wanted. Don’t worry they were on ice, not alive.

The atmosphere was really nice. There were a couple of big screen TVs to enjoy sports. Many people were drinking wine, which Malaga is known for their sweet wine, and other beverages, talking, and eating! We had an array of food come out including octopus, 2 different types of shrimp, fried calamari, and of course my fish. I just didn’t expect my fish to still have teeth on it. I was also surprised I ate it all!

I LOVE shrimp and it was very flavorful and delicious. The fried calamari was good, but even better when squeezing lemon on top. Gave it that extra kick. The octopus was much less chewy and enjoyable than the other I had on the beach in Malaga. It was also flavorful. Of course my fish was delicious and I left nothing but bones and the teeth of course.

The food was delicious and I highly recommend it. The staff was nice although my friend had to start asking for 2 Cokes at a time because they would take a while to come back with another one when he ordered. To the point he had to get up and find a waiter. So if you are ever in Malaga and would like some great seafood and a nice atmosphere head on over to Puro Pescaito.

Have you ever eaten at Puro Pecaito?

Eating-at-Puro-Pescaito malaga, spain ©hollydayz