Affording Travel & Hiking with Noel Gibson


I have had many people ask me how they can afford to travel more. So on this episode I will share tips on how you can go about affording to travel more often or just in general. I also have a special guest, actress and brand ambassador Noel Gibson who talks about how she was able to go to Machu Picchu, how she saves money to travel, and she drops some great gems.

Noel Gibson


Noel Gibson is an actress, trade show brand ambassador and model. She has had the opportunity to not only travel for pleasure, but also for work. Her job has led her to London, Atlanta, Texas, and Chicago just to name a few places. She feels it is a blessing from God to meet so many different cultures, people, interest, food and architecture. Noel is also a huge hiker and has hiked the biggest mountains in US that can be hiked, Mt. Whitney and also hiked Manchu Picchu as a solo traveler.  

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