Trying out CurlSmith Hair Makeup

If you have curly hair, then you have most likely have heard of the brand CurlSmith. If you haven’t, they say they are the first gourmet haircare brand created with curls in mind. They have an extensive product line for all curl types. One of the products that my friend and I decided to give a whirl was their hair makeup.

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CurlSmith came out with a hair makeup line last year and started it off with 5 colors. Those 5 colors are Ruby, Rose Gold, Turquoise, Copper, and Gold. Of course, until they drop more colors, you can always mix colors together and make another! The bottles are 3fl oz. and retail for $19.99 each. I happen to catch the two colors I purchased on sale and decided to give them a whirl.

The two colors I decided to try were the copper and rose gold. My hair type is dark brown, long, thin, with a wavy/curly look. I haven’t straightened my hair going on 3 years. I have also never dyed my hair, so this was very exciting for me to try a color knowing that it would wash out with one wash! My friend, Charnette has very curly hair with pintura highlights, so her hair is bleached. She hasn’t straightened her hair in years. She tried out the turquoise as well as the rose gold colors in her hair.

The first color I tried was the copper. The colors come in the form of a hair gel, so after washing my hair, the instructions stated to put a leave-in conditioner in prior to applying the color gel. It is definitely a little messy, but if you get it on your shirt, sink, or whatever it washes off immediately. Applying it to my hair gave an “oh my gosh” exciting moment. You can apply as little or as much as you want. I applied it and then diffused my hair.

curlsmith hairmakeup ©hollydayz 2021
Copper Hair Makeup © HollyDayz

I loved the way it came out. The color made me pop more. You could still see my natural hair color as well since I didn’t completely cover it. I loved the way it turned out. I did notice however it did transfer. I sweat just a bit and it transferred to my jacket the next day. When I was styling my hair, I could see some of the color on my hands. It was also really hard to get some of the color off my edges/forehead without getting it to wet and getting rid of the color in the area.

After 4 days my hair was itchy so I decided to wash it out. It came out with ease and I watched the color go down the drain. A few weeks later I tried the rose gold. I had a similar experience except this time I didn’t put too much of it on the top of my hair so as to stay away from the roots and forehead and focused more on the length.

curlsmith hairmakeup ©hollydayz 2021
Rose Gold Hair Make Up ©HollyDayz 2021

I really needed good light to really see the color. The first day the color was most visible. As the days went out it was harder to see and hardly noticeable. Just looked like my hair had a tint to it. This too also transferred to my hands when styling, but looked more like glitter on my hands. After a few days I ended up washing it out, it also came out very easily.

curlsmith hairmakeup ©hollydayz 2021
Charnette with Rose Gold © HollyDayz

Charnette said that the rose gold was her favorite as it was vibrant and had minimal transfer. The sun gave her hair a beautiful shimmer. Since she doesn’t refresh her hair during washes, she had no issues with color fading. She also loved the volume she got as it didn’t weigh her hair down.

curlsmith hairmakeup ©hollydayz 2021
Charnette with Turquoise Hair Makeup ©HollyDayz

When she used the turquoise it lasted till her next wash, which is typically every 5 days or so. However, she did make note that she felt this particular color was better suited for those with darker hair. Her hair is predominately blonde and it didn’t give her that vibrant look that the rose gold gave her. She also noted that this color also had very minimal transfer.

The CurlSmith Hair Makeup is pretty cool. I really like the fact that it isn’t permeant and that it is also a light weight quick drying gel. I would like to test out the other colors to see how they come out on my hair.

Have you ever tried the CurlSmith Hair Makeup? Would you try it?