App of the Month: GlobeConvert

Converting information is really important when traveling. Much of our time as travelers is spent figuring out currency, temperature, and more. These are important elements to know when heading to different countries. Knowing an exchange rate or what to wear are important factors. The GlobeConvert app is a great app to help figure this all out and more.

The app is free and available in the App Store. GlobeConvert is extremely easy to use. For those who aren’t always the most comfortably with technology or certain apps, this is very simple to use. One tap and you can change the converter type. Simply type in the numbers and the conversion is displayed. Then simply press clear to begin again.

app of the month globeconvert
Converter Type

You can convert currency, area, temperature, time, weight, and much more. A feature that I really like is saving conversions as a favorite. Much easier than scrolling through the drop down menu when you want to find the currency you are looking for. Finding your frequently used conversions couldn’t get any easier.

app of the month globeconvert
Currency Converter

Another feature in the currency section informs you the last time it was updated. Seeing as currency conversions change often this is very important. It will also let you know how much your money equals in another currency. The currency converter has over 190 currencies and exchange rates.

This app doesn’t require you to be on Wi-Fi so it can be used at anytime. Not only is it great to use while you’re traveling, but while you are planning. While looking at attractions, hotels, and other things you can convert the price into your own currency. Wondering what you should pack? Change the temperature. Not everyone uses Celsius or Fahrenheit. The app is also good for measuring lengths, weight, power, and more.

Do you use a converter app? Do you have the Globeconvert app? If not, which one do you use?